Through The Year With Oscar Romero: Daily Meditations

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Brothers and sisters, keep this treasure. It is not my poor word that sows hope and faith; I am no more than the humble echo of God in this people.
Homily, 2 October 1977

Twenty-five years after the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero of San Salvador, his words continue to speak for the voiceless and to challenge us and make demands of us. His words from his homilies give us spirit and hope. After reading and praying with Romero, we no longer can be indifferent to the suffering of the poor and those treated unjustly in all areas of the globe.

This volume presents a selection of texts from the slain archbishop s homilies, one reading per day for a year of reflection and personal prayer. Archbishop Romero s homilies address themes still current today: persecution, pluralism, idolatry, forgiveness, conformity, sin, social sanction, the prophetic church, conversion, love of God and your neighbor among many others.

As Archbishop Romero once suggested, let us move to that intimate cell of our conscience to encounter ourselves and then go out and encounter our poor and voiceless.