Stranger in the Woods: A Photographic Fantasy (Nature) Hardcover

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Snowflakes twisting and turning all through the night . . . Daybreak brings a silent stranger with a floppy-earred hat and a carrot nose. Who is the stranger? Why has he come to the forest? The animals want to know.

Wildlife photographers Carl R. Sams II & Jean Stoick, creators of "Stranger in the Woods," inspire children with gentle lessons of nature.

Come and share the magic as they celebrate Stranger's 10th Anniversary with those who protect wild places and treasure the wild things.

Forest animals, awakened by the birds' warning that there is a stranger in the woods, set out to discover if there is danger and find, instead, a wonderful surprise..

Publisher Marketing:
Snowflake Edition with a 3D cover. Watch the deer take the carrot nose off the snowman.