Love is Patient, Love is Kind Bronze Plaque

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  • Solid Bronze Oval Wall Plaque
  • 6.13 x 2.75 inch
  • Housewarming Gift
  • Limited Quantity Available
  • Made in Germany

Product Description

Our Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind Plaque is a best seller. Warm the interior of your home or office with St. Paul’s words, “Love is patient, love is kind.” Our oval plaque is the most popular Christian housewarming gift in the Creator Mundi collection. This inspirational plaque (approximately 6 inches from left to right) features some of St. Paul’s most famous and beautiful words to bring a reminder to every home of the centrality of love to all aspects of life. Made in Europe using old-world methods and craftsmanship, this is an heirloom-quality gift that will likely last longer than the building it is placed inside of!

“Made in Germany” – Mark of Excellence

This beautiful bronze plaque was made in Germany. “Made in Germany” is a guarantee of value and quality. Consider but the many German companies known and appreciated worldwide for the compelling quality of their engineering and products:  BMWMercedesPorscheSiemensBoschMieleZeiss, the list goes on and on. Creator Mundi imports from the spiritual and religious equivalent of these companies in Germany, where quality of workmanship, nobility of composition, aesthetic brilliance, and theological depth hold sway in every gift item created and crafted.