Jesus and The Child Jesus Statue

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This statuette depicts Joseph and the Child Jesus who are together bringing the offering of the poor (two turtledoves) to the Temple (Luke 2:21-24) for Mary’s legal purification from the legal “uncleanness” of childbearing, as required by the Mosaic law. This statuette will be a wonderful gift for a wedding or a wedding anniversary, an ordination or ordination anniversary, a profession or jubilee of religious vows, and, of course, for Father’s Day!

Joseph and the Child Jesus Statuette – a Touching Labor of Love, Hope, and Faith

This statuette of Joseph and the Child Jesus stands 8 inches tall and is formed from dolomite stone and resin. A religious community of cloistered nuns in France conceives, fashions, and hand-finishes every statuette in the atelier of their monastery. Each nun prayerfully and contemplatively completes a designated task necessary for the completion of each statuette. Where, how, and by whom the Joseph and the Child Jesus statuette is created confirms that this statuette is indeed ”culturally authentic” and a most touching labor of love, hope, and faith!