Cross: Modern Tree Of Life

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4 Inches

Our Modern Tree of Life Cross is depicted with many full leaves. The cross itself is beautifully textured and uneven, a bit like tree bark. The symbolism of the tree of life is one of hope, change and growth. It is an ideal piece to celebrate special occasions and events in life: a special birthday, a first communion, a confirmation, a graduation, a housewarming, a wedding, or a wedding anniversary. The Tree of Life is a powerful and enduring natural symbol with deep biblical resonance and meaning for the Christian faith making it a meaningful cross for the family home. This solid bronze wall cross enjoys heirloom quality and will be prominently displayed for many generations to come! The raised and textured finish and detailed design give extra weight and dimension to this piece.

A Solid Bronze Wall Cross from Germany

The Modern Tree of Life Cross measures 4 inches long and has a beautiful black patina. The piece is then taken and hand polished to highlight the varied raised surface of the leaves. The cross itself is textured and uneven. This solid bronze wall cross was conceived and cast in a monastery workshop and foundry in Germany.

The Cross of Christ – the Tree of Eternal Life

The  Tree of Life is significantly highlighted in both the first book of the Bible (Genesis 2:9; 3:22, 24) and in the last book of the Bible (Revelation 2:7; 22:2,14,19). The Cross of Christ – the Christian Tree of Life – calls to mind the Tree of Life in Genesis and comes to full fruit in the Tree of Life in Revelation. Eternal life – possessed and lost in Genesis, won back in the Gospels, and possessed forever in Revelation – makes the Tree of Life a most powerful and perduring symbol of Christian hope and destiny as we cling strongly to the wood of the Cross of Christ – the wood of the Tree of Life, the Tree of Eternal Life.