Come To The Mountain: St. Benedict's Monastery

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Author: William Meninger, OCSO

A must-have book that shares the history of St Benedict's Monastery. It is an exclusive book for the monastery and celebrates our 60th anniversary. A community living-in and passing-on the ancient Benedictine tradition (as interpreted by the Cistercian Order) in an isolated mountain valley near Snowmass, Colorado.

In 1956, a small group of monks left St Joseph's Abbey in Spencer, Massachusetts to become the founding fathers of St Benedict's. While living in a 100-year-old farmhouse and its adjacent barns, they began construction of the monastery. A short time later they were joined by fifteen more monks, sent as temporary helpers from the founding monastery. 

This book shares the history of the monastery as well as examining the monastic life and the Rule of St Benedict. It is written by one of our own, Father William Meninger, who came to Snowmass in 1979. 


Published in 2017