All Manner of Things: Lectio Divina with Julian of Norwich

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Author: William Meninger

Julian of Norwich (1342 - c. 1416) is considered by many to be one of the greatest English mystics. In 1373, she received a series of sixteen visions centered on the person and sufferings of Jesus and on the Trinity. A short time later, she wrote a short account of them, and much later, after much prayer and reflection, she wrote eighty-six-chapters. This book is not a translation or a paraphrase of Julian's Showings of Divine Love. Rather, it is a commentary intended to provide information, reflections, and further theological understanding that may enhance the modern Christian's reading of Julian's book. It may be read independently, prior to reading her book, or together with it, chapter by chapter. All Manner of Things will aid focused devotion and provide profound inspiration along the path of prayer and meditation.