YouTube Live Mass Link/6.12.22 Trinity Sunday





 Live Mass June 12th  at 8:15 AM MT





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Monastery is open to guests with the following conditions: Please visit our monastery if you are experiencing no Covid symptoms, fully vaccinated (including booster), and wear masks at all times while you are inside the monastery. The best consensus expert opinion about our current variant in this pandemic is: “We don’t fully know.” We are being extremely cautious but want to continue providing a dwelling place for spiritual reflection, silence, and awe.


YouTube Live Link for any live Mass at St. Benedict's Monastery

You will use the link below for all future Sunday morning masses at 8:15 AM MT. You can jump on early, but you will not receive a live feed until 8:10 AM MT. Please use the Chat function on YouTube for prayer intentions. If the Chat function interferes with your worship, you can hide it.