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Mud Season




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Up here in the mountains, early November is “Mud Season” and then we move on to Thanksgiving.  So if you turned your clocks back to standard time you can zoom in to look at some of the messiness of deep prayer and how it can move us into a Thanksgiving of surprises.  Our second Wednesday will be the day before Thanksgiving.  The mud at this time of year comes from beautiful snowfall that turns to mud in the November temperatures.  It is a metaphor for some beginning meditations that seem  beautiful but then become a bit bogged down.  Eventually, we give thanks.  God is at work


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Waiting for What?
Zoom Presentation with Fr. Terry Ryan, CSP
Wednesdays, November 30 & December 7, 2022
2:00 PM Mountain Time
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What are we waiting for?  Is Christmas like an anniversary, a time to remember a past event, such as a wedding anniversary of the 4th of July?  Is is making believe that Jesus is going to be born in Bethlehem in a few weeks, and we wait in anticipation?  If this is all there is to these weeks, then the only change that comes to you might be decorating and shopping a lot, and baking special foods or traveling to see relatives.  RATHER!
This is a season for decision.  God has spoken to our world.  Jesus is God come into creation  in flesh and blood and challenged us to decide how we are going to live in  God’s creation.  If we are not following the blueprint of the Bible readings then it is a time to repent and get refocused.  If we are trying to follow the God-Plan then we ask how we are living now to make the future what God promises it will be.  The Advent Bible readings are not much about Jesus being born, but a lot about challenging us to act here and now for God’s agenda.