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Nikolai Berdyaev


Fr. Terry Ryan, CSP


A Russian born in 1874 he died in 1948.  After the Revolution of 1917 he was banished from the Soviet Union.  In keeping with the idea of the True and False Self of Thomas Merton and Thomas Keating, Berdyaev called the unique self, a “Personality.”  As part of the universe we are all interconnected in society.  But within each of us , this universal has a personality that is the unrepeatable.  This of course would not work for communism.  Though we change as we grow, this unique part of oneself is unchanging.  We each have to perform acts that are unique to ourself.  Society cannot determine us at our deepest center.  It is divine, a creative act of God.  The post-modern world is very “individualistic,” but lacks the relational, the vocation to service.  “Freedom” is not so much a right, as an obligation. 


July 17, and July 31, 2021

9:00 AM Mountain time

Zoom # 367 360 7803 and no password


 Q&A time following talk 






       Rufus Jones was a Quaker who had a great deal of influence on the Quaker spirituality called the Inner Light.  He was not a proponent of the Apophatic Way of prayer, nor of anchorites, or monks in their cells.  Mystical experience was to encounter the Presence in meditation and in the everyday world. It is both, not either/or.  He was a powerful influence on Howard Thurman.  You can see Meister Eckhart, Francis of Assisi, Henry David Thoreau and Julian of Norwich in his spirituality


August 7, 2021, 8:30 AM Mountain Time

10:30 AM SOS time on East Coast

Zoom # is 367 360 7803

There is no password


Talk by Fr. Terry Ryan, CSP, then mediation of 20:00 followed by Q&A.  Bring your own treats!






Fr. Terry Ryan, CSP


      Why is it that we equate power with God?  Why do we need God to be powerful?  It might be that we are trying to make God into our image and likeness.  We seem to like power and control.  Jesus reveals not a God of power, but a God who liberates us by Love.  The cross is anything but power.  Resurrection is very powerful, but it does not come about through force, but rather through surrender to Love and Forgiveness.  God’s power is for transformation.  The power of the State is not for transformation of the individual.  Political systems, through fear, tend to disfigure power, and find enemies.  So we focus here on transforming power. 


Saturdays, August 14 and 28, 2021

ZOOM #367 360 7803

9:00 AM Mountain Time


There will be a break and then time for Q&A. 



Seekers of Silence- DIRECT EXPERIENCE


          Institutional Religion, with its authoritative structure, its emphasis on dogma and tradition, was challenged by other religious paths in the United States since the 17th century.  The Religious Society of Friends, founded by George Fox in England, was powerfully refocused by Rufus Jones in the United States in the 20th Century.  The idea of original sin was of no use to them.  We each had a divine spark within us. Thus we are always connected to the divine.  Prayer was meant to reconnect us directly with that spark and then to see it in one another and in all creation.  Institutions that mediated or tried to control the God connection were of no interest.  


Saturday, September 4, 2021

8:30 AM Mountain Time and 10:30 AM SOS East Coast Time

Zoom # 367 360 7803 and no password

Fr. Terry Ryan, CSP will give a talk.  There will be a 20:00 mediation and then Q&A 



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