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Saint Benedict’s Monastery April Virtual Spiritual Gatherings



           Mass will begin at our standard time, 8:15 AM MT. All Masses will be recorded and immediately available on our YouTube Channel. For updated information, please use this link Snowmass Bookstore. For all Masses, please use the same live link we have been using for our Sunday Masses- SB Live Mass Link YouTube Live


          Every Sunday, Mass will be live on YouTube Live. Mass recordings will be available right after Mass, and all 2021 homilies are archived on the YouTube channel.

                   SB Live Mass Link YouTube Live

            We have added several Lenten/Easter books to our online bookstore. We have many new books, including authors James Martin, Brian McLaren, Ilia Delio, Rami Shapiro, Scot McKnight, and Walter Brueggemann. We have special sections on Centering Prayer, Ignatian Spirituality, the Enneagram, and Spiritual Direction. Also, Father Terry has been teaching on the writings of Zalman Schachter-Shalomi and Howard Thurman. We have their essential books as well.

          All updated information will be on the snowmassbookstore website. All times are Mountain. If you cannot make some of these sessions live, we will have a recording available on our YouTube Channel.


Thoreau vs. Covid



Involuntary Isolation or Voluntary Solitude






Fr. Terry Ryan, CSP






       Many people complained about how isolated, bored, and zoom-fatigued they had become with the pandemic.  Henry David Thoreau decided to live by himself for solitude.  He lived in the woods of New England in the 19th Century and saw almost no one daily.  But he was not bored, nor did he feel isolated.  What did he do?  What was his attitude?  Maybe Covid has provided us with opportunities that we missed.  A look at Thoreau’s spiritual path might be a help to us in our daily life.  Maybe the restrictions that have been placed upon us for safety can reveal missed opportunities for deepening our own spiritual growth.  Thoreau made a conscious choice to let go of many things that we think will fill us up.  How and why did he do this?  Let’s look for our own inner Walden Pond!






Saturday, April 17, 2021



9:00 AM Mountain Time



Zoom # 367 360 7803






The two hours together will include a talk, 20:00 silent mediation, and Q&A time.  The talk will be recorded. The YouTube site will be found on snowmassbookstore.com. This is a part of Father Terry’s ministry.






This is a free event, but if you would like to support Father Terry in his Paulist Ministry:






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Also, for fans of Joan Chittister (we are!), the Mile Hi Church in Denver is sponsoring a Zoom session with her.  For more information, visit the events page at Mile Hi Church.