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About the Artist:


I began building fine furniture in 1970.  This experience with wood began when my family needed a few pieces of furniture for our home.  As I was building these pieces, I became conscious of the fact that I was the fourth generation woodworker in my family.  My forebearers had been wood craftsmen in both this country and in Sweden.


I’ve built a lot of hand-carved doors in the Roaring Fork Valley area.  One set of hand-carved doors lives in the retreat center of St. Benedict’s Monastery in Old Snowmass, as well as the exterior doors of the meditation hall.  The meditation room at the retreat center also houses a tabernacle I crafted in the early ’90s.


My youngest son apprenticed with me for two years, and the desk you can view on the website is a collaboration between he and I, both in design and creation.  The desk is made of maple top and cherry wood bottom.  The one of a kind coat tree has a spinning upper clothes tree and is made of cherry wood.

 Bob Johnson

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